Wedding of the Season – finished

I did finish this book, finally. I feel like I’ve been reading this and it’s taken forever because it just never got to the point where I was excited to read it and couldn’t put it down. I would probably give this book 2.5/5 stars. I honestly hate to be brutal, but I didn’t really care for the hero, and I didn’t really care for the heroine, either.

This book was a reconciliation book, which tends not to be my favorite trope within the genre, but the reason for the initial separation was because the hero was selfish. He comes back, and he’s still selfish. Just this time the heroine puts up with it. Guhrke tries to convince us that the heroine is both very by the books but also bursting at the bits to be adventurous. The end result is that I don’t really believe she’s either.

I was disappointed in this book because of the one by Guhrke that I read before this, Trouble at the Wedding, which I loved so much I put it on my all-time favorite list.

The good thing is that I’ve started the next book in this series (Scandal of the Year), and I’m already liking it much more than WOTS.

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