February Favorites (plus a few things I missed this month)

February has been a great month for both TV (we’re so great at binge-watching TV) and reading!


Mid-February, we finished Arrow (on Netflix, therefore we still have Arrow episodes we can binge as soon as we can get access to them).

Before Christmas, we watched our first superhero show, The Flash, and fell in love.

Chase picked something new for us to watch and settled on The Flash, and after a single episode, we were a little obsessed. After finishing The Flash, we were hooked, so we tuned into the show that launched the CW’s superhero show empire, Arrow.

And I fell in love with Arrow not just because it’s a cool show, but….

Felicity Smoak.

She was created for the show and was meant to be on maybe two or three episodes but everyone fell in love with her, so she became a series regular. She didn’t even make the original promo poster, but you can bet she’s been on all of them since (unless they were just Oliver).

Felicity is the awesome, glasses-wearing, every once in a while awkward, computer hacking sidekick of Oliver Queen. To put it short, she’s perfect.

One of the problems in the early seasons of The Flash was that Iris West didn’t do much. I loved Caitlin Snow, but she was so often defined by her relationships. Most of her early storylines revolve around her guys.

That’s not the case with Felicity. She was important and not just because she was a love interest (*cough*Iris*cough). And even when Felicity and Oliver finally got together (and then broke up) she was never around just because of that.

Season 5

Okay, but enough with that aside. Yes, I’m obsessed with Arrow. But we finished Arrow. We have recently started Legends of Tomorrow, and we’re almost finished with Season 1. Ray Palmer was introduced in Arrow as a love interest for Felicity (among other things) but since we knew Oliver and Felicity were meant to be, it was hard to root for them. But Ray Palmer, by himself, was awesome. So it’s good that he got his own show. (Okay, yes, it’s an ensemble.)


I picked up a Laura Lee Guhrke book (The Trouble with True Love) at Target at the beginning of February, and I liked it pretty good, so I went to Half Priced Books to scope out some more.

The next one that I read was Trouble at the Wedding. I didn’t like this one. I loved it. I loved it so much, I went online and ordered like four or five of her books. It was part of a three-part-series and happened to be the third book, so I obviously got the first two.

I’m on the first one of that series (Wedding of the Season), and to be honest I’m not impressed. I think it’s just that I loved the one I read before. I’m not so sure if I’m a fan of the hero in this one, but I’m about 2/3 of the way through, so I’m obviously going to finish it. The next one, I actually already had, but I’m not sure if I had read it (or if I had, it was probably five years ago). We’ll see. I have hope for Guhrke since she wrote Trouble at the Wedding and I’m putting it on my all-time favorite romances.

Valentine’s Day

I had another great Valentine’s Day this year!  Roses, KS earrings (which hubby DESIGNED HIMSELF using the KS colorbar), and four—FOUR—cupcakes, which we shared over the days after VD.


I would be remiss if I didn’t share the gorgeous cake I made for my friend’s one-year LulaRoe Anniversary.

And finally, don’t we need a picture of Harper?

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